Ed Jarrett began his journey in ice sculpting while attending Johnson & Wales University, as part of his culinary arts degree. He credits his mother for her concerns of him being a starving artist for his pursuit of the culinary arts. More than 30 years later, Ed continues his quest and has finally become a full time artist. Along the way, he spent more than 10 years developing the largest snow and ice sculpture festivals in his home state of Maine. He was also a captain of a team chosen to represent the USA at Quebec’s Winter Carnival, trained several teams to represent Maine at the National snow sculpting championships, and has created several corporate sponsored shows/pieces in ice.

It is Jersey, where Ed has met the absolute true love of his life, Bette, and together for the last several years, they have been busy combining his and her art talents at Laurita Winery in New Egypt, NJ. This is where they showcase their work. They are currently preparing to open a beautiful art gallery on the most western part of Laurita’s property. It is in the Bette & Eddie Art Gallery, where they hope to expand the success they have been experiencing running classes in the main winery.

Ed is currently preparing to set up for his 5th world record this coming spring and already has the sand in place right next to the gallery. We will be seeking as many non-profits as possible to be involved.

Last year, Ed and Bette, along with Ed’s apprentice of 3 years, Larry Watkins, created a walking tour of The Nutcracker at Ice King and Cold storage in Tinton Falls. Ice King has been providing Ed ice for all of his recent pursuits including the very successful winter festivals he helped create at Laurita Winery.

This year Ed with be working once again with Bette and Larry to create the 12 Days of Christmas in ice at the Ice King facility. You will be amazed as you walk through a frozen wonderland that brings this Christmas Classic song to life in ice and lights.